Mystik JT-7 GL 85w140 (1-5 gallon pail)
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Product Data Sheet and MSDS Sheet

Mystik JT-7Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricants are multi-purpose, thermally stable, sulfur-phosphorus extreme pressure (EP) gear lubricants that exceed the performance requirements of the latest axle and non-synchronized manual transmission specs, MIL-PRF-2105E, and Mack GO-J. A specially balanced additive provides thermally stable gear lubricants with exceptional durability under high temperature conditions. Not all thermally stable gear lubricants are thermally durable – many lose their EP performance when subjected to thermal stress. Mystik JT-7 Multi-Purpose Gear Lubricants can take the heat and continue to provide superior EP protection, minimum gear wear, excellent deposit control and improved rust and corrosion protection under extreme service conditions. Recommended for all automotive and heavy duty axle service including break-in, add-to or make-up, drain and refill, competition service, and service fill for “limited slip” axles.


Package includes 1-5 gallon pail



  • Item #: JT-785w140/05

Mystik JT-7 GL 85w140 (1-5 gallon pail)

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